We are a team of illustrators and experience designers who document content and ideas: we are graphic facilitators. We help make events memorable, giving them an indelible imprint in the minds of participants.
We play an integral role in the event (conferences, important meetings and presentations), shining a light and creating visual memes and ‘takeaways’ from presentations that may otherwise not be emphasised and missed or easily forgotten.

From here we generate shareable content for dissemination through social media, and create visual collateral that can be used in reports, publications and on the web.

Live Illustration gives your event a whole new dimension! It is engaging and delightful for participants to see ideas come to life, and to be invited to visually share their voices. We create a sense of care and atmosphere, taking the overarching theme of your event to scale, physically as well as digitally. We have a sensitivity for space, and strive to make the best of any venue. We work best in teams – but you can also have a single illustrator depending of the scale of event and the content coverage that you seek.

We are freelance creatives, designers and performers in our own right. We do this work for a living. Many of us are based at Honey Badger Creative Studios in Wellington.